Patient – Visitor

 Patient Rights

​Right to Benefit from Health Services

1-Fairness and Equitable Benefit

2-Request Information

3-Selecting and Changing the Health Organization

4- Identification, Selection and Replacement of Personnel

5-Requesting the Order of Priority

6-Medical Diagnostics, Treatment and Care

7-Prohibition of intervention outside medical requirements

8-Prohibition of euthanasia

9-Medical Care

The Right to Get Information Related to Health Status

1-General Information

2-Review Records

3-Requesting Correction of Records

4-Procedure for giving information

5-Providing Illicit Information and Measures to be Taken

6-Prohibiting Information

Patient Rights Protection

1-Respect for privacy

2- Being subject to medical treatment without Medical Consent

3-Keeping Information Confidential


Patient's consent in medical intervention

1-Patient Consent and Permission

2-Rejection and Stopping Treatment

3-Minority or Dispenser Participation in Medical Intervention

4- Application of Unconventional Treatment Procedures

5- Form and validity of consent

6-Consent in Receiving Organ and Tissue

7-Family Planning Services and Termination of Pregnancy

8-Scope of Consent


Medical Research

1- Consent in Medical Research

2-Protection and Informing of the Volunteer

3- Procedure and Method of Receiving Consent

4-Status of minors and mentally incompetent

5-Use of Drugs and Compounds for Research


Other Rights

1- Ensuring Security

2-Right to exercise Religious Rights and Utilizing Religious Services

3-Respect for Human Values and Visiting

4-Hospital Attendants

5-Providing the Service Outside the Health Institution and Organization


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