Our Values


​People Oriented: Human Orientation: In the organization of the hospital, in terms of the employees and the services provided, in the activities and decisions, the people-oriented approach is essential. Employee benefit, services provided for the human benefit and the benefit of the institution to provide a quality of service provided understanding of the institution refers to the human focus of the organization. In this way, satisfied patients and patient relatives who are satisfied with the service and satisfied with the working environment is aimed. At the same time, human-centered approach is in the forefront of the training of assistant doctors in hospital.

Trust: Despite all the detailed regulations and processes, health services are structured on the element of trust. It is essential to reflect this trust between the hospital management and the employees, as well as the employees and the service users, without being harassed and to gradually improve and reflect upon the services.

Equity: Equity: An environment has been established in which all persons are treated equally in all situations without any discrimination. The priority in using the service will be based on necessity. The basic principle is that people with equal needs have equal rights in accessing the service.

TransparencyIn our hospital operation, the management responsibility and activities are well understood and supported by all employees. Therefore, our policies and management principles are regularly shared with our employees according to their level of interest and authority and feedback is evaluated. In addition, the donors of the hospital, which is a foundation, are informed about the services of the organization and this increases the participation.

ProductivityInformation, technology and system are used in organizing the resources for the purpose and providing the most contribution to the health level of the community.

EfficiencyIt is aimed to create an environment in which the services are presented in the light of scientific evidence and with the greatest benefit and without putting patients and employees at risk.

Quality: The services are designed in the most desired way in terms of medical quality as well as the comfort of the patients and their relatives. It is acknowledged by all hospital staff that quality is a feature that needs to be continuously improved.

Social ResponsibilityAll hospitals, regardless of their status, should be considered as the presence of the community. In particular, Vakıf Gureba Training and Research Hospital is an organization built on the support in this respect for the societies awareness of the needy, high-risk groups. It carries a deep-rooted social responsibility with its long history.

Continuous DevelopmentHealth services are undergoing major change. In line with these changes, plans and programmes are made by taking into consideration the fact that organizations and health professionals have continuous learning, development and self-renewal characteristics.