Visitation Rules

 Visitation Rules


Visitors can visit the counseling unit by finding out what floor their patients are on.

If the visit is not prohibited, the patient is given the room number on the floor.

The visiting hours of inpatient patients are arranged between 13:00 and 15:00 and 19:00 to 20:00 every day.

Outside the specified hours, the patient's rights officer will be contacted with the Night Managers (supervisor, chef, watchman) within the working hours.

In terms of patient health, it is recommended not to have more than three visitors at the same time in the room.

Children under 12 years old are not allowed to visit.

Visitors must respect patient privacy by leaving the room during the procedure or examination.

During the visit, visitors are not allowed to sit on patient beds.

During the visit there should be no depressing words and behaviors.

Should not be spoken loudly in the hospital.

In cases that may be inconvenient for the patient, physician may prohibit visitation. Prohibition sign will be adhered to the patients door. The nurse informs the relatives of the patients about the visit.

Flowers are accepted in patient rooms. If the flowers arrive for the patients, they are not allowed to be placed in the patient rooms, they can be placed in front of the room door.


The patient is determined by their physician whether an attendant is required and is limited to one accompanying person.

The patient's attendants are given their attendant card during their stay in the hospital and the necessary requirements are provided by the nurse and the staff.

The attendant can assist the patient as much as is allowed.

It is strictly forbidden for the companions to use tobacco and alcoholic beverages in the hospital.

All food provided by the attendants and visitors are checked by the nurse, the physician is informed and their permission is obtained and can be given to the patient thereafter.

It should be kept in mind that apart from these main rules, every clinic can create its own unique guide and visitor rules.


There is no companion practice in intensive care units.

Only authorized personnel can enter the unit.

The relatives of each patient who is admitted to the intensive care unit will receive a phone number.

In any case, the patient is contacted from these phone numbers.

The waiting area of the patient's relatives are the cafeterias on the ground floor.

Information through phone calls are not suitable. Providing detailed information by nurses and staff is prohibited as it may cause undesirable results. Information about the patient is given by the Doctor.

It is organized in the form of one person per day , atleast once a day.

During the visit, protective equipment (galoshes, gowns, bonnet, etc.) is given to the relatives of the patients and is provided to be used.

Care is taken to ensure that the person to be informed is the first degree relative of the patient.

When the visitors are taken to the unit, they are first informed about hand hygiene and disinfected with hand disinfectants.

Visits are restricted because of the health of patients.


You can leave your phone number to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and go home because there is no place to stay near the patient. In emergency cases you will be contacted by these phone numbers.

No phone calls are allowed for receiving information. No detailed information is provided by the nurse and the staff.

Unless confirmed otherwise by the unit, visits are planned to be at least 2 times a day.

Care is taken to ensure that the person to be informed is the first degree relative of the patient.

Newborn Intensive Care babies usually can not breastfeed immediately. Mothers can use the breastfeeding room until these babies can nurse or be fed by the mother. Mothers can milk their breastmilk in this room. The necessary tools, such as milk pumps, are provided by the staff or nurses working in the unit.

The breastfeeding room can only be used by mothers who want to breastfeed their babies and milk them. You can bring the necessary materials with you as well as the unit.

Visits are restricted because of the health of patients.

Since the intensive care unit is a special service, routine and uncontrolled patient visits are not suitable. If you do not have a medical problem, and with the permission of the intensive care physician, mothers can see their babies every day at the appropriate time of the unit. Although not frequently, the father too can visit the baby with the permission of the authorized physician.

Visitors are not allowed except for their parents.

When entering the ICU, protective equipment (apron, bonnet, etc.) is worn by the patients relatives.

The patient's relatives are allowed to enter after disinfecting their hands.