Patient Responsibilities

 Patient Responsibilities

Comply with Hospital Rules

* Our patients; are obliged to com​​ply with the rules and practices of the hospital.

* If our patients benefit from the unit that serves the appointment, they must comply with the date and time of the appointment and report the changes to the relevant place.

* You should stick to the appointment time and avoid delays and help the other patients to be examined before the delay.

* Our patients; the hospital staff should respect the rights of other patients and visitors. In the process of care and rehabilitation, they must cooperate with health workers.

Informing Health Workers

* Patient; He / she should give his / her complaints about his / her health, the diseases he / she had previously experienced, any treatment in the hospital and if he/she has any medications and all his / her health information.

* If name, surname, address, telephone, registration number should change they must inform the institution.


Social Security Status

* Patient; has to inform the changes in health, social security and personal information in time.

* Patient; The health card (SGK, Green Card, etc.) must be updated.

* Patient; is obliged to pay the amount to be paid for the treatment within the period determined by the institution.

* In cases of emergency, immediate intervention and treatment, the patient or his / her legally authorized representative should submit the letter to be received from the patient's institution to our institution as soon as possible.


Rejecting Planned Treatment

* The patients are responsible for the consequences if they refuse the planned treatment or if they do not follow the instructions of the doctor.


Adherence to the recommendations of the treatment

* Each patient is obliged to comply with the treatment plan recommended by the attending physician.

* Our patients are also obliged to comply with the prescribed treatment plans and to accept that nurses and related health personnel fulfill the care plan in accordance with the instructions of the authorized doctor.

* Inform the people responsible for the patient's care for the unexpected developments they encounter during the treatment and follow-up period.


The patients and their relatives who apply to our hospital should respect the rights of other patients and health workers.