She is the wife of Sultan Mahmud II and the mother of Sultan Abdulmecid. After Sultan Mahmud's death, her son Abdülmecid, who was sixteen years old, came to the throne, Bezmiâlem took on the title of "Valide Sultan". The fact that Sultan Abdülmecid was yet a child led Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan to take on important roles in state affairs.


Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan was extremely generous, charitable, kind and compassionate. As long as she lived, she created many charitable works. In order to ensure the continuity of the foundation works that she has established in many parts of the country, Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan has connected them constantly with the new foundations she established. She also repaired and rebuilt a number of charitable monuments that were either damaged or completely destroyed.

Valide Sultan died on May 3rd 1853 at the Beşiktaş Palace as a result of the disease she fell ill from. Her grave is at the tomb of Sultan Mahmud II Tomb situated in Çemberlitaş, Istanbul.

The most significant of Bezmiâlem Valide Sultans' artefacts was the "Gureba-i Müslimin Hospital", the first modern hospital of our country, built in 1845.

The hospital, which has been serving millions of poor and sick people without interruption for 172 years, was transformed into a university in 2010 and took on the mission of a training and research hospital under the title "Bezmiâlem Vakıf University Faculty of Medicine Hospital". "Bezmiâlem Vakıf University" continued to train the health personnel of the future through the power it obtains from its deep rooted history. 


A) Hospitals
1-Gurebâ-i Müslimîn Hospital

The "Bezmiâlem Gureba-i Müslimîn Hospital", which was established in 1845 to serve the poor and waif, is the first foundation health institution established for Muslims after the darüşşifa hospitals. The term "hospital" was used for the first time with this institution and is considered a pioneer in the transition from classical medicine to modern medicine.


When the hospital first opened, the hospital had a capacity of 200 beds and significant progress was made in the number of buildings and staff due to the requirements in the future. Since 2010, the hospital, which serves as the "Bezmiâlem Vakıf University Faculty of Medicine Hospital, has been transformed into a 600 bed capacity giant health complex carrying out 7000 examinations per day.



2-Gurebâ-i Müslimin Hospital in Mekke

Even though it was left incompleted after her death, this hospital, which began to be built during Bezmiâlem Valide Sultans life, was completed by Sultan Abdülhamid II, who gave great importance to the health of his citizens.


B) Schools

1-Dârülmaarif (Valide School) 

It was put into service in 1850. It is next to the Mahmud II Tomb in Cağaloğlu, Istanbul. It was an establishment which prepared civil servants for the government offices and trained students for Dârülfünun. The building in question runs today as the Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School.

2-Bezmiâlem Valide School
Established in Beykoz Çubuklu.


3-Bezmiâlem Sıbyân School
Built in 1844. Situated in Edirnekapı Molla Aşkî Mahallesi (town), Istanbul.


4-Bezmiâlem Sıbyân School (Green School)
Next to Dârülmaarif School. Built together in 1850. Known as the Green School.


C) Mosques

1-Dolmabahçe Mosque

Opened for worship with a friday ceremony in 1855.

2-Gureba Hospital Mosque

Opened for service in 1845.


D) Bridges
Galata Bridge

First opening of Galata Bridge was in 1836.


E) Fountains

  1. Valide Fountain in Beşiktaş-Maçka
  2. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Silivrikapı Uzunyusuf Mahallesi (town)
  3. Üçler Fountain in Sultanahmet
  4. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Topkapı
  5. Gurebâ-yı Müslimîn Hospital Fountain
  6. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Beşiktaş Cihannümâ Mahallesi (town)
  7. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Tarabya
  8. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Alibeyköyü
  9. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Silivrikapı Abdullah Ağa
  10. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Kasımpaşa
  11. Çukur Fountain in Topkapı, built by Fatih Sultan Mehmed  : Restoration
  12. Bereketzâde Fountain next to the Galata Tower: Restoration


F) Public Fountains (Sebil)
1- Bezmiâlem Sebil in Medine : On the path to Hz. Hamza's Tomb.
2- Bezmiâlem Sebil in Medine : Outside Damascus Gates.
3-Bezmiâlem Sebil in Karbala

Aside from these, in many places in Istanbul and in the Ottoman Empire, there were many artefacts built and restored by Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan. For example high-income properties and foundations such as Terkos Lake and its vicinity, thousands of acres of land and fields, farms and villages, stores, inns and mills.

Valide Sultan has also provided services to Eyup Sultan Foundation in Istanbul, the Kaaba and to the tomb of Hz. Muhammad (PbuH).



"Muhabbetten Muhammed oldu hâsıl 
Muhammed'siz muhabbetten ne hâsıl
Zuhurundan Bezmiâlem oldu vâsıl".


"From love emerged Muhammed

What of affection without Muhammed

From His occurence Bezmialem has arrived "


Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan'ın mührü / Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan's seal.​